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Administration Pack - ISPs

The standard ASSP Toolbar for Outlook client installer is provided by us as a zip archive file containing a Windows Installer (MSI) package, which end-users extract and run to install ASSP Toolbar for Outlook on their computer. Once installed, the toolbar needs to be configured for the particular ASSP server installation being used.

The toolbar client installer is able to configure and fix many of the toolbar’s settings according to pre-configured values that are specified via a specially prepared ‘presets’ file that is co-located with the installer MSI package. The client installer will detect any such file at installation time and copy it to the toolbar’s target installation folder together with the toolbar’s constituent files. The toolbar will then use the settings from the presets file, obviating the need for the end-user to configure them him/herself.

The ASSP Toolbar for Outlook Administrator is designed to make it easy for ISPs to create customised installation packages that include their own presets file, which they then distribute to their customers for easy installation. ASSP Toolbar for Outlook Administrator provides the following main features:

  • A graphical user interface (GUI) that enables the ISP to create and manage its own toolbar preset files. A presets file specifies a range of settings that pre-configure customers’ toolbars to work with the ISP’s ASSP server.

  • Creation of pre-configured client installation packages to be distributed to end-users, either as single-file zip archives or single-file ‘self-extracting’ executable installers. When creating a self-extracting installer, ASSP Toolbar for Outlook Administrator provides support for digitally-signing the executable.

In fact, any number of presets files can be created with ASSP Toolbar for Outlook Administrator, so an ISP can ship different configurations to different groups of users, should the need arise. Here is a screen shot of the ASSP Toolbar for Outlook Administrator:

[ISP Administrator Utility]

You can download the ISP administration pack from here:

Download ASSP Toolbar for Outlook ISP Administration Pack

Description: Version 2.5.10 of ASSP Toolbar for Outlook ISP Administration Pack
File name:
Format: Zip archive (1.2 MB)
Last updated: 3rd May 2018

The download is a single zip archive file which contains an MSI installer for the administrator utility and administrator's guide.

Please note that ASSP Toolbar for Outlook is a commercial product. When first installed, ASSP Toolbar for Outlook will allow you to evaluate it fully for a period of up to 30 days. To use the product for purposes other than evaluation, and to use it beyond the initial evaluation period, you will need to purchase a licence. We offer a range of low cost licences for use by a single user up to a large ISP who wishes to re-distribute the toolbar to its customers. You can purchase licences for immediate electronic delivery via our online ordering page at Share-It.

ASSP Toolbar for Outlook can also be fully managed by a network administrator. The product offers easy deployment via an MSI-based installer, full Group Policy support for auto-configuring client installations, and support for local hosting and management of product updates. See here for details.

If you have any questions or feedback concerning the ASSP Toolbar for Outlook, please email us at

You can also ensure you receive notifications of product updates and other product news by subscribing to our ASSP Toolbar for Outlook mailing list.

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